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The White Beach Golf course designed architect Kosti Kuronen, is a 18-hole links type course. The course was opened in 2005 and is an ample challenge for professionals, also offering the enjoyment of succeeding in golf for beginners.
As a special character of the White Beach Golf course in the Audru River bordering the course with several other water areas and “dune views” which add to the challenge of the game and offer a breathtaking image of the course.
The White Beach Golf course is situated near the city of Pärnu and in the very near vicinity of the Pärnu Gulf and hotel Villa Andropoff.
The White Beach Golf course is open weather permitting from April to October.


White Beach Golf ground is caddiemasterin office, which must buy tickets to the game, and range balls. Caddiemasterin's office has opened a field opening hours at 9.00-19.00. If leaving the field before you can register for the Villa Andropoff receptionissa. Caddiemasterin office can be purchased in addition to drinks and a small snack, and there is also the basic golf equipment sales. Golf carts are included in the price of green.
Field, located close to the Villa Andropoff leave the area to find other necessary services. Dining is available at 12.00-22.00, it is also possible to buy breakfast at 8.00-10.00 Between the time. Even washing facilities are located in Villa Andropoff holiday region. If you need this service, please contact either the Caddiemaster or Villa Andropoff reception. Jet includes green prices, sauna charged different fees. More information including accommodation and other regional services, please visit

Caddiemaster and restaurant 8:00-20:00



Pärnulahe ilusaima ranna Valgeranna ja Villa Andropoffi puhke ja konverentsi keskuse vahetus läheduses asub White Beach Golf.